In-Tower Turbine Toilet

In-Tower Unit: Pegasus Welfare Solutions

In-Tower Unit: Pegasus Welfare Solutions

The In-Tower system is the world’s first patented (GB2016641.9) retro fit toilet cubicle that can be installed in a wind turbine tower.

Currently, there are no options available for toilet facilities on either onshore or offshore wind turbines.

Historically, there has been no welfare arrangement on wind turbines during O&M so the PWS In-Tower unit fills a crucial gap in provision.

In addition, the unit’s other USPs are:

  • Safety – reducing transfers to a vessel
  • Diversity – all In-Tower units are unisex
  • Productivity – less downtime caused by transfers for comfort breaks.

The In-Tower unit is made of lightweight materials that facilitate easy installation. The In-Tower unit has its own in-built certified lifting frame (LOLER) and is tested under DNV standards.

Each unit comes with its own rigging and certification.

In-Tower units can be mobilised offshore by crew transfer vessels or a SOV. They are designed to be lifted by turbine or vessel crane.

Once installed, the In-Tower unit operates using a cassette system.  The technician takes a cassette to site, installs it into the unit and retracts it at the end of the day to take back to base for cleaning.

This sealed cassette system ensures technicians have no risk of contact with waste and no waste is stored on the asset.

PWS offers a service contract to empty and recharge the cassette units at the base facility.  Schedules are created based on use.

Below shows the lower tower in ORE Catapult’s demonstration turbine at Levenmouth, with a space either side of the door where the unit will be installed.

In-Tower Turbine Toilet

In-Tower Turbine Toilet

When selecting where the In-Tower unit will be positioned, we carry out an initial study to ensure walkways, escape routes and safety equipment are not obstructed.

Once the location is confirmed the unit can be installed by PWS technicians or our client’s techs following the provided installation instructions.