The In-Tower system is the world’s first patented (GB2016641.9) retro fit toilet cubicle that can be installed in a wind turbine tower.

Currently, there are no options available for toilet facilities on either onshore or offshore wind turbines.

Historically, there has been no welfare arrangement on wind turbines during O&M so the PWS In-Tower unit fills a crucial gap in provision.

In addition, the unit’s other USPs are:

  • Safety – reducing transfers to a vessel
  • Diversity – all In-Tower units are unisex
  • Productivity – less downtime caused by transfers for comfort breaks.

The In-Tower unit is made of lightweight materials that facilitate easy installation. The In-Tower unit has its own in-built certified lifting frame (LOLER) and is tested under DNV standards.

World’s first in-tower toilet system

Worldwide patent awarded October 2020

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Portable Welfare Hygiene Solutions

All Pegasus Welfare Multi-Units are bespoke and manufactured in the UK and are available for rent. They can be mobilised anywhere within the UK or Internationally.

Pegasus multi-units are based around the standard enclosure and capable of being utilised for varying applications. PWS would happily discuss any bespoke utilisation requirements you may have.

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