Pegasus Welfare Solutions Ltd is the only industry certified supplier of crane-able welfare units.

Our units are tested and certified for use in several environments including:

• Offshore Oil & Gas / Renewables / Nuclear
• Military Environments
• Specialist Welfare Locations
• Tunnelling
• High rise buildings

The Company’s flagship product is the Pegasus Welfare Multi-Unit; it has a fully granted patent (1713718) on its offshore units.

All Pegasus Welfare Multi-Units are bespoke and manufactured in the UK and are available for rent. They can be mobilised anywhere within the UK or Internationally.

The main benefits of the multi units are as follows:
Safety – One of the main KPIs measured on an offshore wind project is the total number of ladder climbs to transfer from a vessel to an asset. By utilising the multi-unit it has been demonstrated that there is a considerable reduction in project risk by simply reducing the number of transfers for comfort breaks.
Productivity – During the initial deployments it was found that the multi-units saved on average 1.4hrs per day/ per technician of productivity as detailed in the table below. This amounts to an increase in productivity of 17.5% which is considerable when dealing with optimising offshore working time.

Benefits of the multi units

Safety - KPIs measure the number of ladder climbs to transfer from a vessel to an asset

Safety 82.5%

Reducing the number of transfers for comfort breaks

Productivity - optimising offshore working time

Productivity 17.5%

Increased productivity saved 1.4 hours per day / per technician

Improves Safety (fewer ladder climbs)

Increases Productivity (less time lost)

Supports Diversity (the units allow for a diverse workforce to have the welfare and hygiene products expected when encouraging the next generation of females to join the offshore wind industry.)

Pegasus Welfare Solutions Ltd has many years’ experience in the Marine Construction and Fabrication Industry.

The Pegasus Welfare Multi-Unit is leading the way in the manufacture, supply and deployment of portable welfare solutions in specialist environments.

All Pegasus Welfare Multi-Units are provided with 3rd party DNV and LOLER certification of all lifting equipment

Pegasus Welfare Solutions Ltd is fully licensed by the Environment Agency for the transport and disposal of waste.