Welfare Habitats – Modular Units

In addition to the multi units Pegasus Welfare supplies a range of flat pack cabins and containers (Pegasus Portable Space) that can be installed offshore without the need of a crane. The units are manufactured in single units measuring 2.3m x 3.3m and can be joined using link kits. The size of the overall cabin or container space can be expanded to whatever size suits the client
The image below shows the cabin in flat pack form with lifting/transit frame.

The cabins are fully insulated with double glazed windows and doors and are water tight. Pegasus can also provide the electrical pack for each cabin that constitute LED lights, consumer unit, all cabling and trunking, and also a wall heater.

The cabins and containers are provided in lifting frames to be lifted to any asset at either the point of fabrication or offshore. The cabins can be secured using the tie down points using ratchet straps


Modular Units – Case Study – Innogy – Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm – Substation flat pack units

The Triton Knoll offshore wind farm construction team required a temporary office solution for the offshore substations to allow for the increase in POB (persons on board) on the platform. Pegasus Welfare provided 2 of the 20ft flat pack office containers (1 on each platform)made up of 3 modules per cabin for the commissioning teams. The flat pack units where loaded onto the platform at the Hoboken fabrication facility when the substations where loaded out. Once the platforms where installed the flat pack cabins where assembled including the electric packs and Pegasus Welfare had supplied provisioning packs for each platform which included fridge, microwave and all hygiene and cleaning products (as detailed in pricing schedule). The cabins where fitted with hand sanitizer dispensers at the entry and exit of the cabins to ensure maximum protection from cross contamination. Pegasus provided enough supplies to allow for 6 months occupation.