The Multi-Unit

The Pegasus Welfare Multi-Unit, is patent pending (1713718)

 Toilet/Technician support unit

Pegasus toilet units are double insulated and are supplied with or without lifting frames for deployment in all situations. The units are bolt together to create a multi block toilet area. All units have a unique (Pegasus) liquid seal system to prevent leaks. All toilet units can be fitted with the Pegasus racking system to carry all kit bags,tools, first aid kits and emergency rations creating a one lift option for all technician welfare requirements offshore and in challenging environments. The Pegasus frame has a lift capacity of 1t which allows 700kg of spare capacity outside the weight of the toilet facility in the unit.

Standard / Emergency Showers

Pegasus shower units simply require a plug and water supply. The on demand shower unit is self contained and can be used for standard and emergency environments.

Eye Wash / First Aid

Pegasus eye wash stations are provided with all HSE specified eye wash equipment.

Bespoke Fabrications

Pegasus has a well established and high quality manufacturing facility in the East of England and can fabricate standard and bespoke units in plastic, composite, aluminium and steel as required.

Hire / Lease

Pegasus have an enviable ability to supply any number of units from 1-500 and can mobilise units to any location in the UK or WORLDWIDE!


Brakehill Farm Buildings, Main Dereham Road, Colkirk, Fakenham NR21 7JG